A Naming Ceremony for Single Parent’s Child

Single Mum Naming Ceremony

Single Mum Naming Ceremony at the lovely grounds at Merrylands Central Gardens Reserve. There are many nice areas, BBQ facilities, nice grass and quite a lot of shade. 

We celebrated the naming day and first birthday to this cute young boy. Mum wrote a beautiful poem that she chose to read as well as her pledge to this young toddler. 

The script was written for a single mum, as well as the naming certificate.

We can include many rituals at this ceremony or none. It is all going to be your choice.

Mum chose her two best girlfriends as godmothers and then asked them to light a candle with the right blessings attached. It was a bit windy, but we managed:)

Contact me so we can start planning and organize together your child’s very special naming day.

Single Mum Naming Ceremony

Naming Day Ceremony at Merrylands Central Gardens reserve