Small Wedding Venue in Rushcutters Bay

Small Wedding Venue

For a Small Wedding Venue, or even a medium one, Storehouse In the Park in Rushcutters Bay is a place to consider.

It is a lovely wedding venue in Sydney where you can have your wedding ceremony either indoor or outdoor on a large deck overlooking the park. It is like having your wedding ceremony in the park, but not really. Almost like a garden wedding in the heart of the city. 

There are actually many small wedding venues in and around the city. And there are a few things to take into consideration when you are looking for a wedding venue or choosing one. 

  • First really how big or small is the venue. How many guests are you expecting and will you all be comfortable, relaxed and enjoying your special day.
  • Then, there is another issue for couples to consider.
    Would you like your reception to follow the wedding ceremony at the same location?
  • And on top of that, will you have the reception straight after the wedding ceremony, or will you have a few hours in between the ceremony and the reception. 

So, yes, you’ve got quite a few aspects to think about when planning your wedding ceremony. I can assist you and advice regarding a variety of small wedding locations.

City Wedding Venue

So we gathered there on a lovely Sunday early afternoon to tie the knot for this gorgeous couple. There were about 30-40 guests on the balcony with the park in the background. Absolutely stunning for photos. The ceremony was relaxed and fun.

The bride and groom chose to play their favourite music on my PA. The couple intends to have a bigger wedding celebration later this year in Mexico. Which is where the bride is from. So this small city wedding venue was just a perfect choice for the bride and groom. 

Contact me so we can start organizing together your very special wedding ceremony too. 

Small Wedding VenueSmall Wedding Venue