Stress Free Wedding Day

 Stress-Free Wedding 

With the right advice, the right guidance and the right celebrant, you will have a fabulous stress free wedding!

  • When printing invitations, state the time of marriage as at least 15-30  minutes before the bride intends to arrive (this helps to ensure that all the guests arrive on time). You might want to also supply your gussets with water bottles, shade, some chairs while they are waiting.
  • Brides, your being late is an attractive little habit… if.. you are just five minutes late. Your groom may even be extra happy to see you arriving and his smile of relief may be huge. However, after that, it becomes difficult for your guests, some of whom would have arrived quite early and from far away.
  • Designate an usher, who can also be in charge of greeting each guest & presenting them with a copy of your ‘Order of Service’. Naturally, he will already have these when he arrives!
  • Shakespeare famously said, “If music is the food of love – play on”. So some background music will be greatly appreciated and will add to the build-up and the atmosphere.

Planning a Wedding

From our first meeting and all communication, I will guide you and assist in planning a wedding ceremony which will run smoothly and exactly the way you want it. 

How to have a Successful Wedding Ceremony

  • If there is a possibility of rain, ensure a LARGE umbrella is in the car.
  • A little Vaseline or soap smeared inside the wedding ring will help it slip on your finger.
  • If your ceremony is in a public place make sure you have booked with the local authority, usually the council. You will need to contact the Council for permission. There is often a small fee involved, and you will be given a permission number that I will need to record.
  • For outdoor ceremonies, consider the location of toilets and shade.
  • Make sure that you position the wedding party so that you don’t have the sun in your eyes.
  • If your wedding is in hot weather, it is thoughtful to provide water for guests.
  • If you have older guests, you may need to provide seating – it shows them in a thoughtful way, that you care about their comfort.
  • Make sure you have considered an alternative venue in case of wet weather. For any outdoor ceremony, it is wise to have an alternative venue, undercover, that you can fall back on. Thunderstorms, even with hail can occur & just a very cold, windy day can spoil your enjoyment.
  • How to make this work. When printing your invitations, including the mobile number of one friend – the one you have asked to be willing to let guests know of the change of venue if the weather is a problem.
    You could say underneath the RSVP – In inclement weather please call….on (mobile no)……re change of venue.
  • Take things slowly, you will want to remember as much as possible.

Music at the Wedding Ceremony 

Guess what? It was, and still is, right! The right music can make an enormous difference to the atmosphere at your wedding. You may choose to record your own loved selection (bearing in mind its suitability to the occasion) – and have an extremely reliable (and punctual) friend to be in charge of playing this on your portable player.

You may even choose to have a harpist, an ensemble, a vocal soloist, or if you are Scottish – & maybe, even if not,- a piper. (check out my link page for some great wedding music groups) Or you always have the option to play music via my PA system. 

  • Initial mood music while guests are waiting for the bride’s party.
  • Special music for the entrance of the bride’s party and then for the bride.
  • A beautiful piece while the register is being signed.
  • A final piece, for the triumphal departure of the married couple with their party.

Relax and have fun! I am there to help make sure that everything goes smoothly as we planned together.

Marriage is a serious commitment, but your wedding should be fun.