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Sydney Affordable Marriage Celebrant at Home – no-fuss easy weddings.
Weddings either at my place, at yours, or any other wedding location.
View many Backyard weddings in my garden.

Having a backyard wedding can offer numerous advantages, creating a unique and intimate experience for the couple and their guests.

Backyard weddings have become increasingly popular. You can enjoy an intimate setting in a personal atmosphere. It is cost-effective and budget-friendly compared to renting a traditional venue in a relaxed atmosphere: while enjoying the outdoor beauty.

Rather than having a wedding at the registry office, tie the knot in a beautiful garden.
A garden wedding cheaper than any wedding ceremony at the registry office.
A backyard wedding is a much nicer, friendlier and more affordable wedding choice.

You can also enjoy your wedding ceremony any day of the week, any time in my garden and for absolutely the same fee.  Outdoor weddings also allow for unique photo opportunities.

Wedding in the Backyard

  • Lodgement of the NOIM.
  • All legal work for your marriage.
  • Four wedding packages to choose from. 
  • Marriage registration and marriage certificate.
  • A PA system for the ceremony and your music.
  • A beautiful garden wedding personalized for you.
  • Same-day marriage registration of your wedding. 
  • You can bring champagne and/or a cake to celebrate.
  • A stress-free no-fuss journey to your wedding ceremony.
  • A caring experienced marriage celebrant for all your needs.
  • Unlimited contact with your celebrant for advice and assistance. 

A great alternative for a registry wedding.
Any day and time of your choice, then this is an excellent wedding choice for you. 
So if you are after a small budget wedding, but still, a meaningful and special wedding ceremony this will be best registry wedding celebration.

Get married in my leafy backyard with family and friends around.
View some photos of weddings in my garden. 
View weddings at a FREE garden wedding.

Backyard weddings can be a wonderful and meaningful choice for couples who want a more personal and budget-friendly wedding experience.

Wedding in the Garden

Advantages of having a backyard wedding:

  1. Personalization: A backyard wedding allows for complete personalization of the space. Couples can choose decorations, themes, and layouts that reflect their personalities and preferences, creating a truly unique and meaningful atmosphere.
  2. Cost-Effective: Backyard weddings can be more budget-friendly compared to traditional venue options. Couples can save on my celebrant’s packages. As well as venue rental fees, have more flexibility with catering options, allowing for a more cost-effective celebration.
  3. Intimacy: Backyard weddings often have a more intimate feel, as the couple is surrounded by familiar and comfortable surroundings. 
  4. Flexibility: Couples have more flexibility in terms of timing and logistics when hosting a backyard wedding. They can choose the date and time that best suits them, and they have greater control over the schedule of events.
  5. Comfort: Guests may feel more comfortable in a familiar setting, making it easier for them to relax and enjoy the celebration. This can contribute to a more laid-back and enjoyable atmosphere.
  6. Memorability: The uniqueness of a backyard wedding often makes it more memorable for the couple and their guests. The intimate setting and personal touches contribute to a one-of-a-kind experience that everyone will remember fondly.
  7. DIY Opportunities: Couples who enjoy do-it-yourself (DIY) projects can take advantage of a backyard wedding to showcase their creativity. From handmade decorations to personalized details, there are ample opportunities for DIY projects.

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