Sydney Marriage Celebrant in Crows Nest Wedding

Sydney Marriage Celebrant, Crows Nest Wedding

Sydney Marriage Celebrant, Crows Nest Wedding – a very quiet and private wedding ceremony at the couples’ home.

Basically, you can have your wedding ceremony anywhere you want, and anytime. You can have your beautiful wedding ceremony at home, at any venue, park, beach or restaurant, you just name it. As well as any day of the week. The main component is your love of each other, regardless of where you choose to tie the knot.

Wedding Ceremony Service Fee Includes  –

  • All legal work for the wedding.
  • Creating a memorable wedding ceremony for you and your guests.
  • You will receive from me my complimentary package with lots of reading, poems, vows and much more to enrich and personalize your ceremony.
  • Enjoy the journey to your ceremony stress-free with no hassle for you.

This couple got married at midday on the weekend. There were only five people present, the couple, two witnesses and myself. It was a surprise wedding ceremony for their family and friends. As straight after the ceremony, they excitedly rushed to meet their close family and friends at a pub in Balmain. Only then, the immediate family found out of the wedding. It was not just a beautiful surprise for everyone, more than that, it was a very special day, it was o Mother’s Day.

Regarding surprise weddings in Australia, you cannot surprise each other, meaning the bride and the groom. But you can definitely surprise your family and friends. 

Contact me so we can book and secure your wedding date and start to organize your wedding day too.

Sydney Marriage Celebrant, Crows Nest Wedding