Sydney Marriage Celebrant for Civil Weddings in Berry

Sydney Marriage Celebrant,
Civil Weddings in Berry

Another of Sydney marriage celebrant, civil weddings.
An amazing property at Willow Farm for a wedding ceremony outside of Berry, south coast of Sydney. And it is just about 2 hours drive and completely different atmosphere. So there was a big convey of cars heading down south to Berry to take part in the wedding celebrations on October’s long weekend. A Very special setting for a wedding in the outback, for city dwellers.
We celebrated the wedding following some of the Jewish Wedding style tradition. Standing under the Chuppah/canopy, the bride circling the groom seven times to symbolize the seven days of creation, drank some wine from the cup, and of course the highlight in a Jewish wedding is the breaking of the glass by the groom.

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Sydney marriage celebrant, civil weddings

Sydney marriage celebrant for wedding in Berry