Sydney Marriage Celebrant for Nepalese Weddings

Sydney Marriage Celebrant, Nepalese Weddings

Sydney Marriage Celebrant, Nepalese Weddings.
Many Nepali couples are very excited to get married in Sydney.

Over the years it has been my pleasure to conduct these happy colourful wedding ceremonies. Most of the weddings were at my place, either in my big back green backyard or high ceiling living room. Hence, the couples enjoyed garden weddings, with lots of areas where they could take beautiful keepsake photos, for no extra charge. 

I always take care of all the legal paperwork as well as marriage registration and the marriage certificate.
So here is a smooth easy hassle-free wedding journey for all couple. 

My Marriage Celebrant Service includes   

  • Lodgement of the NOIM.
  • All legal paperwork for you.
  • A FREE green backyard garden venue. 
  • A beautiful meaningful wedding ceremony.
  • Marriage registration & Marriage certificate.
  • If you need – Free letter to immigration for a fiance.
  • Creating a beautiful meaningful wedding ceremony for you.
  • Have your wedding at any location or at my place, any day of the week.
  • Unlimited contact with me regarding any assistance for your wedding ceremony.

Nepalese Marriage

A lovely midweek wedding ceremony to this young couple tieing the knot in my green backyard.

So the couple arrived with a few of their friends to witness and celebrate with them their big day, their wedding day. One of the friends live-streamed the wedding to their families back in Nepal. The couple also chose to open a bottle of champagne to highlight the celebration.  






Nepalese Wedding Ceremony on Valentine’s Day

A very romantic wedding ceremony.
This beautiful Nepali couple approached me last year to help them tie the knot here in Sydney.
Since the bride was living overseas, and the groom lived at the time quite far away from my place, we lodged the NOIM a bit differently. 
I advised the groom how to fill in the NOIM, have it signed by a JP close to his residence and post it to me. I then lodged it online, issued a FREE letter to immigration to help bring the bride to Australia. 
Happily, the bride was granted a visa, and they chose the most beautiful day for their wedding ceremony. It was on Valentine’s Day. Such a romantic day to have your wedding.  The couple was so thrilled that the bride even presented me with a Napolese gift. Very kind of her.

Nepalese bride wedding giftAffordable garden wedding

Nepalese wedding celebrant





Nepali Wedding

Congratulations to this young fun Nepali couple who tied the knot in my green beautiful garden surrounded by a few friends and celebrating siping some Champaign. 

The couple chose to tie the knot here in Sydney while flying over home at a later stage to celebrate with their extended family and friends. 







Nepali Wedding Ceremony

A lovely Nepali couple who arrived on their wedding day with their two witnesses and a bottle of champagne. What a way to celebrate your wedding day!

We lodged the NOIM exactly one month prior to the couple’s wedding ceremony. I actually lodged it with just the groom, as the bride was unable to arrive on that day. legally, we can lodge the notice with only one partner of the marriage. 

On their wedding day, the bride was wearing the traditional Nepalese wedding day, which is magnificent.  So beautiful, colourful and elegant. 
Congratulations to the bride and groom!






Nepalese Wedding

It was a small wedding ceremony, which is what the couple wanted. Exactly one month after we lodged together the NOIM on the BDM registry website, they happily tied the knot.

The bride arrived with her best friend and got changed into their beautiful colourful traditional dresses. It was absolutely my honour to marry another couple from the Nepalese community. Congratulations!

So the bride and groom chose to have their wedding here in Sydney in the presence of their two witnesses while filming the event to show their family and friends. 






Nepalese Wedding in Sydney

A lovely young Nepali couple tieing the knot in Sydney. We lodged together with the bride and groom the Notice of Intended Marriage exactly one month prior to their chosen wedding day. We always lodge the NOIM online, on the registry website, then print and sign the form. 

The couple arrived on the day with their two witnesses and some friends. The bride was wearing the traditional Napolese colourful dress. Just gorgeous. 

Since it was a cold rainy day, that did not make a difference. As we were still able to conduct a beautiful wedding ceremony indoors. The couple married in my big spacious living room while still also having a great opportunity for many beautiful wedding photos.

So a registry wedding does not have to be a dull boring wedding at the registry office. We can always make it a very special, personalized and unique wedding. 







A Happy Nepali Couple’s Wedding Ceremony Story  

I feel very honoured to have married another beautiful couple from the Nepalese community.

So congratulation to the bride and groom on such a beautiful colourful wedding ceremony wearing their traditional clothes. The couple chose to have their wedding ceremony at my place. The beautifully dressed bride and the handsome groom were accompanied by their friends, also wearing the Nepalese traditional clothes. So we had a happy very colourful wedding ceremony. 

I have registered their wedding, like all other weddings, same day online, so that they can receive their official marriage certificate from Birth Death and Marriage registry ASAP.

Receiving the official marriage certificate as soon as possible was very important for the couple as they are in the process of applying for a fiance visa.

Contact me so we can start organizing your beautiful affordable wedding ceremony too.

Sydney Marriage Celebrant, Nepalese Weddings

Sydney Marriage Celebrant for all wedding ceremonies