Sydney Marriage Celebrant for Nepalese Weddings

Sydney Marriage Celebrant, Nepalese Weddings

Sydney Marriage Celebrant, Nepalese Weddings. Many Nepali couples are very excited to get married in Sydney.

Over the years it has been my pleasure to conduct these happy colourful wedding ceremonies. Most of the weddings were at my place, either in my big back green backyard. Hence,  they were garden weddings, with lots of areas where they could take photos. Otherwise, there is always my huge living room big and beautiful for weddings. 

I always take care of all the legal paperwork as well as marriage registration and the marriage certificate. So it is a smooth easy hassle-free journey for the couple. 

Here is just one couple’s story-

I feel very honoured to have married another beautiful couple from the Nepalese community.

So congratulation to the bride and groom on such a beautiful colourful wedding ceremony wearing their traditional clothes. The couple chose to have their wedding ceremony at my place. The beautifully dressed bride and the handsome groom were accompanied by their friends, also wearing the Nepalese traditional clothes. So we had a happy very colourful wedding ceremony. 

I have registered their wedding, like all other weddings, same day online, so that they can receive their official marriage certificate from Birth Death and Marriage registry ASAP.
Receiving the official marriage certificate as soon as possible was very important for the couple as they are applying for a fiance visa.

Contact me so we can start organizing your beautiful affordable wedding ceremony too.

Sydney Marriage Celebrant, Nepalese Weddings

Sydney Marriage Celebrant for all wedding ceremonies