A joined Naming Day Celebrant Minto

Sydney Naming Day Celebrant

Naming Day Celebrant Minto – a joined naming ceremony for these two siblings, meaning a double celebration.

It was lovely celebrating the naming day of the older protective brother and his younger sister.

Parents decorated the backyard beautifully. Lots of fun, decorations and friends in the back yard.

So yes, sometimes it is a good idea to have a joined name-giving day for a few siblings. Each child receives their own naming certificate, a keepsake folder of the ceremony. And of course their own nominated godparents. You can choose to have the same sets of godparents to all the siblings, or you might want to have separate godparents. 

It is all going to be your choice while we work together to create a beautiful meaningful naming ceremony celebration. 

Contact me so we can start plan together your child’s naming day. You will also receive help and guidance with my FREE package of information.

Sydney Naming Day Celebrant

Sydney Naming Day Celebrant