Unique Wedding Invitations 

Do you want to add a modern twist to a traditional invitation? Or you might go with something utterly cool and artsy? Choose a unique design that is sure to impress your wedding guests.

A wedding invitation is that first impression of your big day. You already have the venue and you have dreamed up the whole design together with the colour scheme. Now you need to encapsulate that stunning concept in a beautifully unique invitation. 

Whether you are planning a vineyard wedding, a poolside party, a church ceremony or a ballroom extravaganza, you need to capture the mood and style of your event. From non-traditional colours to handmade touches and catchy slogans, here is how to make your wedding invitations stylish and unique!

Moody Hues

Looking for an alternative to classic wedding colours? Instead of choosing a traditional combination of white and gold or opt for a mix of gentle pastel hues, why not opt for something a little more stylish and dramatic! Popular wedding colour palettes include dark shades that are mystical, fashionable and utterly unique. Think moody hues of petroleum blue, pewter grey, dark moss green, mahogany red and eggplant. Combined with light pastel shades and off-white hues, these extravagant colours will truly stand out.

Bold Contrasts

Or create a powerful visual effect by combining two or three contrasting colours. Using paper in a dark shade and lettering in white or metallic hues is a big trend right now. It is a perfect choice if you want a fresh, contemporary look. 

Some of the most popular combos include black or cobalt blue paper and foil stamp lettering in a cool metallic shade such as vintage gold, copper, rose gold and brass.  This is a trendy combination of colours and goes well with a variety of designs including beautiful calligraphy, floral designs and Art Deco-inspired geometric prints.

Handmade Details

The coolest way to personalise your wedding invitations is by adding DIY details or having them handcrafted in a small workshop. Beautifully textured craft papers are a popular alternative to plain cards. They often have rough edges and hand lettering creates that adorable retro effect. 

To complement this vintage invitation, you can use a wax seal as a finishing touch. Other fabulous ways to add a handmade touch include hand-painted designs, custom monograms and doodled maps of your wedding locations which you can enclose together with your invites.

Floral Wreaths

Floral designs have always been a popular wedding stationery trend, but every season brings exciting innovations. You can make your card unique by using fun, colourful and flamboyant floral motifs. Beautiful floral wreaths look stunning when combined with beautiful fonts, while the colour of the paper can be anything from eggshell white to purple and black.

Geometrical Prints

Chic and utterly modern, geometrical prints are a fresh, new alternative to classic wedding invitation designs. You can blend vibrant pop art colours or stick to monochromatic designs. Polygonal shapes in murky shades of grey, silver, mauve and navy blue are fashionable at the moment, but you can also opt for quirky graphics combined with beautiful bright colours.

Watercolour Designs

But if you prefer something soft, romantic and artsy, then pick a beautiful watercolour design in colours that fit into your wedding design scheme. Think splashes of sky blue or blush pink on a crisp white background or go for adorably colourful watercolour flowers. 

Watercolour designs will add a touch of whimsy and romance to your ceremony and reception if you use them for menus, place cards and ceremony programs. You can even ask your cake maker to create a tiered wedding cake to match!

Couple Shots

If you want a simple but effective design, use your engagement photos for wedding invitations! Do you have a portrait you adore? Why not use it as a background! It is a design your guests will love because they will have an extra reason to keep them as a memory of your big day. It is an easy design to make, so you can try to create it by yourself. Just choose a cool font, type in your wording and your invites are ready for printing!

Fun Slogans

Finally, add a personal stamp to your wedding invitations with a fun slogan. Skip the traditional wording and say something that will impress your guests. How about “eat, drink and be married”? Or “join us for the evening of fun and merriment”. Or keep the classic layout but begin with a cute opening line such as “we are getting hitched”.

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