Vietnamese Wedding

Vietnamese Wedding

Vietnamese Wedding as part of a civil wedding ceremony in Sydney. The bride and groom chose to include their Vietnamese traditional customs in their wedding ceremony.

As Sydney celebrant, a celebrant for weddings, I enjoy and welcome all customs. Including customs and traditions in any wedding ceremony, always makes the ceremony extra special for the couple and their guests.
Hence, this is a very crucial and significant part of the wedding. At the same time, it is the couple’s choice to what extent they would like to incorporate any rituals.

So the temple was set in the parent’s home with the food, decorations insense and sweet fruit to emphasize the tradition in the family. The parents blessed the couple. The bride’s father blessed both the couple in a very traditional way. While the mum gave them both presents and red envelopes with money. 

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We would like to thank you for all your support throughout the process and made our special day memorable. Everyone enjoyed your company. You were very understanding, flexible and professional all the way.
On behalf of me, my wife and family, I would like to express our deepest gratitude one more time.
Wish you all the very best. Regards
D & A Wedding Ceremony Sydney, May 2020