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Wedding in Bible Garden Palm Beach

Wedding Celebrant Bible Garden Palm Beach. If you are looking for wedding venues in Palm Beach Sydney Northern Beaches than the Bible Garden will definitely be one of them. Palm beach weddings for beach weddings are quite popular. Here we have is this hidden garden with an attractively landscaped setting – the Bible Garden, for a garden wedding. 

It is such a beautiful garden with astonishing views overlooking Palm Beach. Although it is a small garden, still quite a lot of family and friends were able to attend. A very unique location for a wedding with an amazing atmosphere. So why not consider this well-kept secret in Palm Beach. A combination of a garden wedding with the beach as a backdrop. 

Weddings in the Northern Beaches

You will receive:

  • A fully trained and experienced celebrant who puts your needs first
  • Initial and all unlimited Consultations and communication with me
  • Witnessing & Lodgment of ALL legal documents with the BDM
  • Providing my Complementary Package 
  • A unique and personalized ceremony celebrating your special story
  • Typing Draft of Ceremony for your consideration and approval 
  • Preparing a presentation folder of your ceremony- for you as a keepsake
  • Arriving early at the ceremony
  • I am there to make you feel relaxed
  • Conducting the Ceremony on the Day
  • Check the placement of chairs, table and flowers
  • Portable PA system so that the ceremony will be heard clearly.
  • Forwarding & registering all documents  to State Registry (BDM)
  • Applying for the Marriage Certificate from BDM (optional)                                                                    

Contact me any time so we can start to plan together your wedding ceremony.

Wedding Northern Beaches

Another magnificent day for a beautiful tranquil picturesque wedding ceremony at The Bible Garden in Palm Beach.

The garden is an amazing hidden gem for a mesmerizing wedding ceremony. 

We had the music playing on my PA system. The bride walked down the aisle/path with her two daughters joining the groom and me with the ocean as a backdrop in the background.  There is a table in the garden and a few benches which we used for signing the registry. 

Everyone loved the ceremony in this very special wedding location on the Northern beaches. 






Celebrant Northern Beaches

So congratulation to the bride & groom on their wedding at this amazing little hidden magical garden in Palm Beach, the Bible Garden.

In each wedding ceremony, we can include any wedding ritual. There are some very nice and meaningful rituals I can offer you. Rituals such as the handfasting, the ceremony of the hands, the roses rituals, lighting candles, the pouring of the sand and many more. Otherwise, you can choose not to include any of them. It is really going to be your choice. 

The couple chose to include the sand ceremony to represent their personalities and individuality and now their togetherness. As the sand is poured into the Unity Vase, the bride and groom’s personalities combine to become one inseparable entity. This is a symbolic ritual and just like we can never separate the grains of sand,  so is this couple’s life is inseparable together forever.

Wedding Celebrant Bible Garden Palm Beach

Wedding Celebrant Bible Garden Palm Beach

Celebrant Bible Garden Palm Beach

Marriage Celebrant Bible Garden Palm Beach

sand ceremony for weddings

The sand ceremony for weddings

Marriage Celebrant Bible Garden , Palm Beach

Marriage Celebrant Bible Garden








The Bible Garden Wedding

A couple cannot surprise each other with a wedding, but they can definitely surprise their guests.

So this couple told their close family that their wish was to gather together for just some photoshoots one afternoon at the Bible garden in Palm Beach. Hence, everyone dresses smarter for the professional photos, of course. Nothing over the top, just an afternoon of taking photos.

The surprise on everyone’s faces was priceless. Especially when I showed up, very discretely set a table with all documents to sign, and slowly approached the small crowd and welcomed them to the wedding of the bride and groom. 
It sure was a surprise wedding ceremony for the family.

Wedding Celebrant Palm Beach

Marriage Celebrant The Bible Garden Palm Beach

Wedding Celebrant The Bible Garden Palm Beach

Wedding at the Bible garden, Palm Beach