Budget Wedding Ceremony – Cheaper than the Registry

Affordable Weddings budget celebrant

Affordable Weddings budget celebrant

Affordable Weddings, Budget Celebrant, Experience Celebrant

Beautiful Budget Wedding Ceremony Sydney. Now you can afford low budget wedding ceremony at the celebrant’s place in north shore, Sydney.
So there are quite a few wedding packages you can choose from.

All packages include:

  • All legal paperwork
  • Marriage registration
  • Marriage certificate
  • A beautiful wedding ceremony
  • Stress-free wedding journey for you. 

Either you can have a small meaningful affordable wedding ceremony, personalized just for you, cheaper than at the BDM NSW registry.
Just you and your two witnesses at the celebrant’s place.

Or you can choose another package, still CHEAPER than at the BDM registry. In this package you can have up to 15 guests attending your big day, your wedding ceremony day.

Otherwise, you might like to consider a mid-week wedding ceremony, at any venue you choose, any time.

Another option is a weekend wedding ceremony at any venue of your choice, also any time. Beautiful personalized ceremonies, very affordable fee including meetings, all legal work, professional PA system, readings, rituals and much more.

In conclusion, most important is that all packages include everything, from lodgement of the NOIM, a beautiful ceremony, registration and all legal work done for you.
Packages and Fees
  – Choose the right package for you.

Contact me anytime if you have any question or if you would like us to book and secure the day and start planning your wedding.