Baby Name Giving Ceremonies in and around Penrith

Baby Naming Ceremonies Penrith

Celebrating Baby Naming Ceremonies Penrith and all the surrounding area. You can choose to have a naming day at any location you want. 

We celebrated this naming day at the community hall in Ballybunnion terrace, Glenmore Park. It is a lovely very spacious hall with a great undercover area outside.

So Mum chose to include the sand ceremony – a beautiful symbolic ritual to emphasize the unity in the family. It was very meaningful and suited the function as there are three older siblings who enjoyed taking part in pouring the sand. So we had eight different colours of sand representing mum, the four children, the godparents and grandparents.

In a naming ceremony, we can include any ritual you want. It is all going to be your choice when we organize your child’s ceremony.  
Contact me so we can start organizing your child’s very special naming day.

Baby Naming Ceremonies Penrith

Naming day Ceremonies