Baby Naming Ceremony at The Alroy Tavern Plumpton

Baby Naming Ceremony Celebrant Plumpton

Celebrating a child’s naming day and welcoming into the family and the community is always a very special event.

It is nice when the parents call you to officiate at another name-giving day ceremony with the same family. We celebrated the naming ceremony with the mum’s niece just a few prior. And now I had the honour to come and celebrate with them the naming ceremony for this adorable baby girl.

There were a big family and lots of friends around us, which always makes the event even more special.

Parents, baby and I stood under the gazebo at the tavern in Plumpton, while everyone else just surrounded us.
We had some lovely poems read by the godparents chosen by the mum from the FREE package I sent her while we were working together on the script.

You can choose to celebrate a naming ceremony at any location. At any hall, park, gardens or at home. 

So contact me anytime if you have any questions or if you would like us to start working together to create a beautiful ceremony for your child.

Baby Naming Ceremony Celebrant Plumpton

Baby Naming Ceremony Celebrant Plumpton