Naming & Weddings, Sydney Celebrant at Camden Valley Inn

Sydney Celebrant, Camden Valley Inn, The Loft

Baby Naming Ceremony with Sydney Celebrant, Camden Valley Inn.

I offer meaningful beautiful weddings and naming ceremonies including a variety of rituals. There are rituals that we include in baby naming ceremonies and others which suit wedding ceremonies. 

So at this name-giving ceremony, we included the rose petals ceremony where we sprinkle colourful petals on the baby’s head. As this comes with special blessings by any family members you want to include in the ritual. Hence, you can choose any ritual to include in the ceremony from the big selection I offer. Or you might choose not to include any of the rituals, as the ceremony itself is quite full on.

Contact me so we can start plan and put together a very special ceremony for your child.

Sydney Celebrant, Camden Valley Inn

Sydney Celebrant, Camden Valley Inn