Naming Ceremony Penrith, with Sydney Celebrant

Baby Naming Ceremony Penrith,
Experienced Sydney Celebrant

A beautiful Baby Naming Ceremony Penrith with Sydney Celebrant. 

You can have your child’s naming ceremony at any location of your choice. We can celebrate a naming ceremony at any park, hall, club or at home. Regardless of the venue location, it is always a great celebration welcoming the young one into the family and the community. 

We had a relaxed naming ceremony at Twin Creeks Golf and Country club.
Hence the beautiful grounds in the background of the photos.

As a celebrant, it is always a great honour when you are called to officiate the ceremony for the parents’ second child. 

So at the name-giving ceremony, we talk about the godparents, grandparents and the whole community’s role in contributing to raising the child.

This time, obviously, we also talked about the role of siblings in interacting with the new baby as well as caring for and helping around. And how the two brothers are going to grow up together and learn from each other while discovering life together.

There are many rituals we can include in the name-giving ceremony. 
You can choose any ritual, and then we can work together to create and personalize a beautiful name day ceremony. It is all going to be your choice.
While at the same time you might decide not to include any of the rituals. 

You will receive from me my resource collection for naming days. It is a collection of many readings and poems you might want to choose from and include in your child’s ceremony.  

The Naming Certificates

We present certificates for godparents, grandparents and of course the naming certificate.
The older brother also received a very special brother certificate.
You can choose beautifully designed borders for all the certificates, as well as attach some pictures from a collection that I will email you.

We always personalize the script and the certificates to your style and preference. Prior to the ceremony, you will receive both the suggested script and the certificate for your approval. 

Contact me so we can start plan together your child’s very special name-giving ceremony.

Baby Naming Ceremony Penrith

Baby Naming Ceremony Penrith






Top Sydney Marriage Celebrant

Another lovely couple that gave me the honour and called me again for a naming ceremony for their second child. 
This time the parents decided to have the ceremony at their backyard surrounded by lots of family and friends.

We also designed together and presented certificates to the siblings. A naming day is a happy time but sometimes we remember and honour the very much loved ones who are no longer with us. So we created a beautiful memorable certificate for the much-missed grandfather. 
Naming ceremony Cabramatta West




I have used Orna twice for both my sons naming ceremonies and I would 100% use her again for anything else. Her professionalism and approachability is an amazing quality of hers. So that it allows for your day to go smoothly and just the way you want. Orna arrived on time on both occasions and immediately I was calmed by her calm and friendly nature. Orna allowed me to add personalised touches to our ceremony and every single one of our requests went ahead without a hitch. I would 100% recommend her to anyone no matter what the event.
Naming ceremony Larney April 2019