Rituals for Name Day Ceremony With Sydney Celebrant

Rituals for Naming Ceremonies

    • Butterflies release to signify new life.
    • A ceremony that includes scattering coloured Rose Petals on baby’s head.
    • A book which guests may sign with wishes for the future of the child. So this is usually given to the child on a significant birthday when they are old enough to appreciate the sentiments involved
    • balloon release or bubbles with hopes and wishes for the child inside, and encourage your child’s spirit to bloom and grow.   
    •  The Sand Ceremony which emphasizes a family unity. Contact me for bottles & sand information.
    • Display a picture of your baby’s Hands/feet print with matching readings.
    • Displaying photos of relatives who cannot attend.
    • Parents might want to present the child with a special gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but rather something long-lasting that they can keep and treasure in years to come. (just let me know as we can include it in the ceremony)
    • Plant a tree/ a plant, for more information Tree Planting
    • Make a time capsule, for more information Time Capsule
    • An ornament object to grow with the child, for more information an ornament object
    • A photo signature frame, for more information A photo signature frame.
    • Honouring passed family members.
    • We can include Birthday Numerology.
    • Video recording- get your guests to say something special for your child. This can be played back at their 18th or 21st celebration.
    • A wishing box where guests (adults and children) write wishes for the child and he/she opens it later on in life, on their 18th or 21st.
    •  Also, I will be mentioning the child’s star sign and its significance.
    • Personalized stamps with your child’s photo on them, either for sending out invitations or thank you cards or both(from Australia Post)
    • The lighting of Candles by either Parents, Godparents or Grandparents(or all) with spoken affirmations of their role in nurturing the child.
    • Parents may speak about their hopes and promises for the child. ( ask me about a collection of pledges)
  • Please note-
    Performing all the rituals is included in the fee, though any materials such as the candles, sand, balloons etc. is an extra cost.
    The sand and bottles and the silk rose petals can be purchased from me or any other supplier.
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