Baby Naming Day in Chipping Norton Lake

Baby Naming Day Chipping Norton Lake

A Baby Naming Day Chipping Norton Lake – Wow, what a weekend. I feel absolutely blessed as it is a great complement for all three naming ceremonies were from returned parents. All three sets of parents had their second child and gave me the honour of celebrating with them once again and naming their children.
We celebrated this naming ceremony for the parents’ second child at a beautiful very relaxed park in Chipping Norton Lake. It was quite a hot day, so the shade there helped heaps. It is a great and very popular location for ceremonies.
Parents nominated the godparents and we talked about their role in helping raise now the two children.

Naming ceremony certificates

And of course the older sibling received a special mention in the script as well as a designed Older Sibling certificate
You can choose between different borders for the certificates. We work together and it is all going to be your choice. 
Contact me so we can plan and create a beautiful ceremony for your child.

Baby Naming Day Chipping Norton Lake

Baby Name Giving Ceremony