Jewish Celebrant for Jewish Style Naming Ceremony

Jewish Naming Ceremony Celebrant

Jewish Naming Ceremony Celebrant.

In a civil naming ceremony, we can include any ritual and blessings from any tradition and culture.

So we included some of the Jewish tradition blessings and the Kiddush in this naming ceremony. Some very special and meaningful blessings. It was also very special as it was just like coming back home. I officiated at the couple’s son’s naming ceremony some years ago, and now I was excited when the parents called back me again to name their beautiful princess daughter.

The name-giving ceremony was at their parents’ new home, in the backyard. So family and friends helped organize the day, decorate the garden, have chairs for everyone.
We nominated godparents and talked about their responsibilities in helping to raise the children, just like the grandparents.

Jewish Naming Ceremony Celebrant

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