Creating Blended Family Wedding

Blended Family Wedding

A Blended Family Wedding ceremony is quite common these days, and yet each ceremony is different and unique on its own.

Often marriage is viewed as the union of two people. Yet marriages not only unite the couple, but they also unite families. With the changing structure of what a family is in today’s world, we can have unique and wonderful opportunities to increase the number of loving caring relationships we have in our lives.

The Circle of a family is not just of blood alone, but by love, respect and commitment as well. Indeed, a Circle of Family made by choice can be as strong or stronger than that of blood.

There are many ways to let the kids know now how special and wonderful they all are in their own way, and how blessed they are now to be part of a bigger family. We can include special wedding vows, symbolic tokens/presents to the kids, rings, poems, readings, the sand unity ritual and more. 

Family Unity Wedding Ceremony

This lovely couple celebrating a blending family marriage union. We personalize each and every wedding ceremony for the couple and their family story. 

So together with the couple, we created a beautiful wedding ceremony with some emphasis on their union.

There are many ways to celebrate blending families. This time we talked about how they are all establishing a loving uniting and caring, new family. I specifically called the kids to join us at some stage of the ceremony. I addressed them with reassuring words for a supportive environment.

Just before the parents exchanged rings, the mum chose to present her daughters with a token.  The token was two rings symbolising the circle of a family. A circle not made by love, but rather by choice and commitment.

Contact me so we can personalize a special wedding ceremony for you too. 

Blended Family WeddingBlended Family Wedding