Getting Married in Australia – Locals, Tourists and Foreigners

Getting Married in Australia

Getting Married in Australia – Marriage in Australia.
The same regulations apply for local couples as for all other couples from anywhere in the world.
Couples from all over the world rightly choose to have their wedding ceremony in beautiful Sydney, Australia.

How to get married in NSW, or How to tie the knot quickly in Australia – easy with a professional experienced celebrant. 

We follow the exact same rules and regulations for local residents as well as overseas visitors. The same rules apply to ALL passport holders. from anywhere in the world.

As Sydney’s top marriage celebrant, Celebrant for weddings, I can easily guide you through the procedure and take care of all the legal aspects of your wedding. All this while creating a beautiful unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Whether you are a local resident, a citizen, a foreigner on a tourist visa, a students visa, or any other visitor’s visa, it is easy to tie the knot with experienced celebrant assistance.

How to Get Married in NSW

Only 3 steps-

  • Fill in the NOIM. (Either with me or I will email you the form with detailed instructions). 
  • Signed the NOIM in my presence or other authorized people.
    (At least 1 calendar month before your wedding day)
  • Get married at your preferred location, day and time.

Why not have your Wedding Ceremony in great Sydney.
Hassle-free ceremonies making your dream wedding come true.
We can interact easily via webcam, Skype, fax, phone and emails, and so taking away a lot of the stress associated with organizing weddings in general and particularly from the other side of the world.
Hence, a very experienced and easy to work with the celebrant who will take care of all the legal paperwork so that you can enjoy a no-hassle journey to your wedding.
So book a helpful affordable wedding celebrant.

Marrying in Australia is very Easy with Celebrant for Weddings

  • All you need to do is follow the Australian legal requirements, I will guide you.
  • There are no government fees. (only the official marriage certificate – I will arrange that for you)
  • You can get married any time, any place (under the famous Sydney bridge, beaches, gardens, parks, onboard a boat, indoor, outdoor)
  • There is no limit to what you may include in a legal civil marriage.
  • Everyone speaks English, and Australia is one of the most multicultural countries on earth.
  • We can communicate entirely by emails, fax, phone, skype, or mail, Facetime and WhatsApp.
  • You can include any music, readings, and prayers with any connotations to be incorporated in a civil ceremony.
  • Except for some legal wording requirements during the service, we can create a beautiful tailored made ceremony just for you.
  • So let’s celebrate your wedding day!

You don’t need to-

  • Stay/reside in Australia for any length of time after the wedding.
  • Be a resident/citizen in Australia for any length of time.
  • Participate in pre-marriage education.
  • Have any medical examinations or certificates.
  • Get identification documentation about your parents (only information that is required for the NOIM)
  • Have consent of parents/guardians if you are over 18 (as 18 is the legal age to marry in Australia)
  • Follow any specific dress code. You can wear whatever you want.
  • Exchange rings – if you don’t want to.
  • Change your name.

How to Get Married in Australia – Getting Married in NSW


  • Interact with either email or phone to check my availability and to discuss lodgment of the form NOIM.
  • If you are overseas, I will email you the form. You will need to complete and lodge with me the form at least one month prior to the wedding. 
  • Once I lodge the notice, it is valid for a maximum period of 18 months.
  • After filling in the form carefully then have it signed in front of an appropriate officer.
  • I will sign the forms if you are in Australia.
    If you are overseas -An appropriate officer who can sign this form outside of Australia is one of the following:

    • An Australian Diplomatic Officer
    • An Australian Consular Officer
    • A Notary Public – A person in any country publicly authorized to attest contracts and perform other formalities. Someone authorized to witness legal documents.
    •   An employee of the Commonwealth authorized under para 3(c)  of the Consular Fees Act 1955
    • An employee of the Australian Trade Commission authorized under para 3 (d) of the Consular Fees Act 1955
    • The easiest of all of these is usually the Notary Public.
  • Once this has been done the form should be scanned and emailed first, then posted by registered mail.


  • When a booking is made, the deposit is paid; then I can email my resources folder.
  • I must see all documents regarding any previous marriage prior to the wedding. eg either A Divorce Certificate or a Death Certificate. All documents must be translated into English.
  • I will take care of all the legal work for your wedding.
  • Happy to advise you on beautiful wedding locations around Sydney.
  • Create together a beautiful meaningful wedding ceremony.
After the Wedding
  • You get “The Ceremonial, Australian Commonwealth Marriage Certificate”.
  • You can either collect your official marriage certificate the following day from the registry, as I register all weddings online the same day of the wedding, or I can organize to post it to you wherever you are.
    In order to register the marriage in your country, as well as obtain your Registered Marriage Certificate, you will also need to obtain an Apostil stamp from The Dept of Foreign Affairs in Sydne (Level 7, 26 Lee Street, Chippendale Sydney Tel 02 9207 690402 9207 6904)
    All nationalities need the Apostille Stamp except for citizens from USA UK or NZ.

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Getting Married in Australia on a Tourist Visa

This handsome young couple from China contacted me a few months ago. So they needed help to organize their very special wedding in Australia, down under in Sydney. It is a challenge to organize your wedding ceremony from a distance. But with the help with the right celebrant, your journey will be easy, smooth and enjoyable. 

  • I assisted the bride and groom in finding an amazing location for their ceremony. They were after some nice green grass, flowers, floral arch and Sydney Opera House in the background. I recommended a beautiful wedding location overlooking Sydney Harbour and the Opera House.
  • After intensive research, I organized for them a professional florist to put together their much-desired floral arch.
  • I also managed to book for the couple an extremely professional Sydney photographer.
  • So together with lots of emails backward and forwards, we managed to create together a beautiful unforgettable wedding ceremony.  

Congratulations and thank you for letting me be part of your wedding ceremony.
More testimonials from Chinese couples marrying in Sydney. 

Getting married in AustraliaMarriage celebrant in Sydney



I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks for Orna’s help. She is so professional as wedding ceremony celebrant and provided service to meet our personal requirements.
We did so much conversation via dozens of emails even though we didn’t know each other before. Thanks for her patience. Whatever the question I raised, she replied to each of them very quickly at her convenience. We discussed very details about the wedding ceremony, like the ceremony place, vows, music, questions, etc..
Orna gave a good suggestion about the ceremony place. And that is the most beautiful view of Sydney. My wife and I loved that place.
Since my wife and I would like a wedding arch and photo&video record service, she helped us to find proper suppliers. Orna took many efforts on that and communicated between us. Finally, we found professional photographer Serge and wedding arch supplier.
Orna communicated and organized the whole things very well on that ceremony day. Suppliers were ready at the right place and the right time.
That day was in beautiful weather. My wife and I had a very happy and lovely wedding ceremony. That was our happy moment. Orna did everything that she planned. With Orna’s help, we had such a wonderful wedding ceremony.
Photos in the ceremony were perfect. We love the photos.
Thank you so much again. Best wishes!
Yafeng & Shiyuan Wedding Ceremony, February 2019


Getting married on a tourist visa

Congratulations to this happy couple from Indonesia having their wedding here in Sydney. 

I helped them organize a beautiful ceremony with the harbour views in the background, the Opera House and Sydney bridge.  An unforgettable wedding day. 






Getting Married in NSW

This lovely couple from the Netherlands chose our beautiful city, Sydney for their wedding ceremony.

For quite some time, we have been communicating via emails as well as WhatsApp, planning their big day down under. 
First, they were interested in the requirements for marriage in Australia.  Very soon they realized how easy it is getting married in Sydney.
And yesterday, we conducted their wedding ceremony on the banks of Sydney Harbour with Sydney Opera and Sydney bridge in the background. 
I have also arranged for them to pick up the Official Marriage Certificate from the registry on the following day of their wedding ceremony. 






Australian Wedding

Congratulation to this lovely couple from the UK who decided to have an Australian wedding. 

We communicated for about 6 months via emails to find the perfect wedding location for them. We worked together on the script. Added a few poems that they chose to reflect their personalities and how they perceive life and marriage. 

I also recommended the best wedding location for a wedding in Sydney Harbour. It is so satisfying when the couple is happy with the effort and determination you put into their ceremony.





We contacted Orna in May and she has been fabulous from the first contact. Very prompt on answering questions and took the stress in arranging an overseas wedding. The day it’s self was very relaxed and formal at the same time; Orna is a very personable lady who we would recommend for bringing the perfect day together for us. We used Copse Look Out in Sydney which Orna has used before- we again would highly recommend this location. The ceremony was just lovely. Prior to the day, we did think of writing our own but upon reading what Orna has suggested it was just summed up how we felt Massive thank you to Orna xx
Ada & Sarah Wedding Ceremony Sydney, January 2020


Getting Married in Australia For Foreigner

This gorgeous couple flew all the way from Mexico to have their wedding ceremony in beautiful sunny Sydney.
As I recommended to the couple this amazing wedding location, is great for photos with Sydney Oprah House in the background.

For a few months, we communicated via emails and Whatsapp. I guided the bride and groom on how to fill in the NOIM, have it signed overseas and once I received it via an email, I lodged the notice here in Sydney on their behalf with the registry’s office.  

The couple chose to have their ceremony on a weekday, which is both a bit cheaper as well as there were hardly any visitors in the park. It was really lovely and felt very private.
Congratulations! More celebration for the couple later on in the year back at home in Mexico. 






Marrying in Australia on a Tourist Visa

This bride and groom flew over all the way from Canada to have their beautiful wedding ceremony in Sydney. They are here in Australia for four weeks, marrying and enjoying their honeymoon.

We have been communicating for a few months. So first, we got all the legal part out of the way, so that we could start to plan and organize their very special wedding day. 
Both the groom and the bride, have been married before, so on top of their passports, they also had to present their divorce papers. The same as to any local residents. 

The legal wedding vows in Australia are mandatory by the AG. But on top of that, the couple is more than welcome to add their own words. 

Wedding ceremony at Copes Lookout with Sydney celebrantMarriage celebrant Copes lookoutCelebrant signing at Copes lookoutSydney celebrant Harbour wedding




Contact me so we can start planning together your wedding ceremony too.

Orna Binder –We are from Canada and got married in Australia ( fantastic and best marriage celebrant)From the bottom of our hearts we would like to say “Thank you so much for everything.” You are a fantastic person with a wonderful caring heart in spite of all the circumstances and changes that we have done you helped us with everything, going out of your way to make it a very special day for us. An expert marriage celebrant like you to handle and helped us get through it with minimal nerves and tears to feel more comfortable and relax during the ceremony. Family and friends said “The marriage is simple but elegant. Nice and neat marriage details book you gave us, proud us to see the whole ceremony layout is truly amazing to serve us lifetime souvenir. Hence, you made our day. You play the biggest role on our wedding day. Thank you so much.
Lloyd and SallyWedding Ceremony, March 2019


Getting Married in Australia for Foreigners

This lovely young couple decided to tie the knot here in Sydney just before setting sail on a cruise around the world.

So we easily communicated just a few weeks ago while they were back in Moscow. I guided them in details how to fill in the NOIM and have it signed at least by one of them at the embassy. Then scan and email me the signed notice as well as both their passports.
And today they came over to my place, which was their choice of wedding location for a quick sweet wedding ceremony with just two witnesses which I have arranged.