A Joined Naming Ceremony in Kellyville

Combined Naming Ceremony Kellyville

A Combined Naming Ceremony Kellyville. It is sometimes a great idea to have a combined naming ceremony for siblings. Why not have a naming day for a few siblings while you already have the family and friends all gathered around. 

So we had a great big day for the brother and sister celebrating their combined naming ceremony.
Parents chose three different godparents for each of the children. So during the ceremony, each group of godparents said their pledge separately.  

Each child also received their own naming certificate while we talked about them separately.

We can have a combined joined naming ceremony to siblings of any age as well as to as many siblings or cousins as you want. Also, the siblings’ age can be any age of course. You can celebrate a naming day for your kids, no matter how old they are. 

Contact me so let’s work together to create a beautiful naming day ceremony for your children as well. 

Combined Naming Ceremony Kellyville