Weddings at the Rowing Club in Abbotsford.

Marriage Celebrant Abbotsford

Sydney Rowing Club Wedding with Marriage Celebrant Abbotsford, such an amazingly beautiful location for a wedding ceremony, the Rowing club in Abbotsford. If you are looking for any waterfront wedding venue then you should defiantly consider this wedding venue on the river.

Sydney Rowing Club Wedding

We had the wedding ceremony overlooking the water while pleasantly hearing the waves in the background, while a close friend was playing the guitar. A beautiful relaxed atmosphere for any wedding.

We were also lucky with a glorious sunny day, but as always we had plan B in case it rains.

The couple and I worked together to create a lovely meaningful wedding ceremony. At the couple’s request, the wedding ceremony was a short and meaningful one. It is always going to be the couple’s choice, regarding the wedding script and how the whole ceremony going to fold. 

We used my PA system so that everyone could hear the ceremony especially the couple exchanging vows. 

It is always going to be the couple’s choice when we plan together the wedding ceremony.

Contact me any time so we can start planning your very special wedding ceremony at whichever location you choose. 

Marriage Celebrant AbbotsfordMarriage Celebrant AbbotsfordSydney Rowing Club WeddingSydney Rowing Club Wedding