Enchanted Forest Wedding Ceremony NSW

Forest Wedding

A forest wedding ceremony is such a special unusual atmosphere for the bride and groom as well as of course for all their guests. A wedding in the forest brings with it enchanted feelings and a magnificent electric atmosphere. 

Wedding in the Forest

This was a unique Forest Wedding ceremony at the Outdoor adventure camps near Wisemans Ferry in NSW. About two hours drive north of Sydney, but definitely worth the trip. 

We all found our way into the woods where the organizers set a beautiful area for the ceremony. We set a canopy for the couple to get married under.  There were benches for the guests to sit on. And a beautiful antic style table for signing the registry. Also, lots of incense to add to the atmosphere as well as to deter the mosquitos.

It was absolutely a magical moment in the enchanted forest wedding ceremony when the three bridesmaids walked towards us between the trees followed by the beautiful bride. Like a scene from a movie. 

An extremely charming forest wedding ceremony. It definitely helped to have my PA system with me. So we played the couple’s chosen music on my PA system, and it just sounded so beautiful over the quietness and stillness of the forest.

Contact me so we can start to plan and organize a very special wedding ceremony for you too. 

Wedding in the forest forest weddingForest wedding