Nurragingy Reserve Wedding Ceremony

Nurragingy Reserve Wedding

A Nurragingy Reserve wedding, a magnificent wedding location.
You might also consider celebrating your reception at the Colebee Centre Wedding venue. 

Nurragingy Reserve Weddings experience is such an amazingly beautiful and relaxed outdoor wedding venue. A very well-known garden wedding venue. While the wedding ceremony itself took place in the Bungarribee pavilion wedding garden. You can choose to hold your wedding reception in the reserve or anywhere else. 

Surrounded by this magnificent natural bushland setting, manicured gardens. The pavilion is at the highest point in the reserve, overlooking the lake and gardens. And just a short walk up the hill from the Colebee Centre Wedding venue.

If you are looking for cheap wedding venues in Western Sydney, this should definitely be a priority. Absolutely no reflection on the cost. It is one impressive wedding location. Nurragingy’s reserve wedding ceremony is an event you and your guests will cherish for a long time. 

My Marriage Celebrant Cost includes-

  • Lodgement of the NOIM.
  • All the legal paperwork for the wedding.
  • Online Marriage registration & Marriage certificate.
  • Recommendations and contacts to reliable wedding suppliers.
  • Creating together a beautiful unforgettable wedding ceremony.
  • My marriage celebrant Resource folder with many ideas for your wedding.
  • A sound system for your ceremony and your chosen music during the wedding.
  • Unlimited contact with your devoted celebrant for a stress-free journey to your wedding.

Colebee Centre Wedding

A beautiful Friday midday wedding at Colebee. It is a stunning location for a wedding.

So the bride  & groom got married surrounded by lots of family and friends.
We played music through my PA system. In each wedding ceremony, we personalize it to the way the couple wants.

At this ceremony, first, the groom walked down the aisle with his best man.
Second, came the two ring bearers who were the two dogs.
Third walked the maid of honour.
And last and most important came the bride walking down the aisle with her dad. 
Each and every ceremony is personalized to the couple.

It was extremely adorable and special as the couple chose their two dogs to be the ring bearer. Actually, anyone can be a ring bearer. Before each and every wedding ceremony, I discuss with the couples and present to them the different options and ideas that we can include in their wedding ceremony. And after that, it is always the couple’s decision and according to that I put together the script and email them to check and approve. 







Nurragingy Reserve Weddings

A very colourful blue and yellow wedding ceremony under the pergola in the reserve. 
The couple are both of Indian origin, so those were the colours of their wedding ceremony,, and I tried to fit in 🙂 with a blue dress.

So we tried to follow some of the couple’s traditions. At this wedding ceremony, it was mainly inviting one at a time some family members to bless the couple for their future together. Such a great custom!

wedding ceremonyNurragingy Reserve Weddings





Nurragingy Wedding

So we had the wedding ceremony at the pavilion up the hill at 2 pm. While everyone came back later that evening to celebrate with the couple their reception in the Colbee centre. Following the ceremony, the couple had many photos taken with the family and friends. As well as many more photos of the beautiful gardens surrounding the pavilion. 

A very exciting wedding ceremony after I assisted this couple with an immigration visa to get the bride from Vietnam here in Sydney.

I can also offer the use of my PA to play music, as well as of course make sure everyone can hear the ceremony.

So we played the couple’s chosen song over my PA system while the bride walked down the aisle and joined the groom and me. This definitely helped the couple and saved the hassle of hiring musicians. 

Contact me so we can start to plan and book your wedding day too.

nurragingy reserve weddingbungarribee pavilion weddingJust married sign

I can’t thank Orna enough for being such a great help to me and my partner, her friendly and personal service is only surpassed by her being available to answer enquiries at any time. She is also great for assisting couples like me and my wife when it comes to helping with immigration matters. I highly recommend Orna as a wonderful person and services as a celebrant.
Wedding Ceremony Salvatore & My An, May 2018



Wedding Celebrant Nurragingy Reserve Doonside

Congratulation to this lovely couple, tying the knot on a beautiful sunny day. It is especially amazing when you are surrounded by lots of family and friends from both sides. We played music over my PA system which sounded beautiful.

So there is lots of green grass, flowers and a beautiful pergola where you can hold your ceremony. The grounds in the reserve are huge and then there are plenty of lovely beautiful areas and shades. 

The Giving Away –
The bride’s son gave her away, as anyone you choose can give the bride away. It really is all going to be your choice when we design and put together the ceremony. 

Contact me, Sydney celebrant,  to discuss your wedding or naming ceremony and how we can make it an amazing day for you.

Wedding Celebrant, Nurragingy Reserve Doonside

Sydney celebrant at Nurragingy Reserve Doonside