Home Wedding

Home Wedding

A Home Wedding is a very special occasion for close family and friends. 

So this lovely couple has arrived from Hong Kong for two weeks to visit their parents. And while staying here, they wanted to tie the knot surrounded by the people most close to them.

We conducted their wedding ceremony at the parents’ home, in their big sunny living room. You can have a wedding ceremony at home, in the backyard. Or you can actually choose to have your ceremony any location you want. It is really your choice. 

Since they live overseas, we communicated via emails where I advised them how to complete the NOIM. Once the form was signed, they posted it to me here in Sydney. I then took care of all the legal paperwork so that when they arrived in Sydney, they could just enjoy their wedding. 

Contact me so we can start plan and organize your wedding ceremony too, wherever you are.

Home wedding