A variety of Naming Ceremony Rituals

Naming Ceremony Rituals

There are many Naming Ceremony Rituals we can include in each happy naming day ceremony. These rituals make the naming day extra special with keepsakes of the ceremony. Whether it will be the magnificent sand bottle or the keepsake silk petals. 

At this naming ceremony parents chose to include these two beautiful rituals.

The Rose Petals Ritual

So first we scattered the violet/pink silk petals on the baby’s head with different blessings and aspirations. You can choose to include four colours of petals. There are red, white, yellow and white. Or you might choose to have only one colour. We had the parents and the godparents participating in this ritual.

The Sand Ritual

Then we called the parents, godparents and grandparents to pour some of the sand into the beautiful heart shaped vase. There are nine colours you can choose from. Parents chose four colours for each of the participants. This meaningful ritual symbolized the unity of the family. 

Contact me so we can start to organize and plan your child’s very special naming day too. 

Naming Ceremony RitualsNaming Ceremony Rituals