Unique Interfaith Wedding Ceremony

Interfaith Wedding Ceremony

An Interfaith Wedding Ceremony is always a very special ceremony one.

Interfaith marriage usually involves a great consideration for customs and tradition from both sides. In creating the ceremony together, we go to the extent the couple wants. And this is the beauty of multicultural weddings.

These are civil wedding ceremonies and we can definitely personalize the ceremony to the way the couple wants it to be.

As Sydney marriage celebrant I am very excited to marry any couple from any faith following your tradition and customs. So together we plan and organize your very special wedding ceremony.

Interfaith Marriage

Chinese And Jewish Wedding

This was an amazing wedding ceremony outside Dunbar House in Watsons Bay Sydney, where the bride was of Chinese heritage and groom of Jewish background. So we combined both traditions and created a beautiful wedding ceremony with rituals from both sides. Hence, the crowd, family and friends, absolutely loved the ceremony.

According to the Chinese tradition the couple served their parents, and then to each other, nice sweet tea, symbolizing the sweetness and joy in life.

Then from the Jewish tradition, the couple sipped from the Kiddush cup, heard the seven blessings and the groom broke the glass. 
It was indeed a very meaningful interfaith marriage. 

Contact me so we can start personalizing your wedding ceremony. We can combine any rituals from any faith you want in the civil interfaith wedding. It is all going to be your choice.

Interfaith Wedding Ceremony

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Chinese tea ceremony, Sydney wedding celebrant

Chinese wedding tea ceremony