Joined Naming Ceremony for Siblings

Joined Sibling Naming Ceremony

A Joined Sibling Naming Ceremony at Blacktown Workers Sports Club for these gorgeous brothers and sister.
So it was both a joined naming day combined with both their birthdays. How so exciting for the parents – double the celebration.  

We were surrounded by lots of family and friends as well as many kids running around. 
Parents also chose the sand ceremony to signify the unity in the family.
Each child received their own bottle with different coloured sand. There are nine colours you can choose from. Each colour stands for different characteristics and aspiration and you can choose as many colours as you want. 

Contact me so we can start to plan and organize together your child’s very special naming day too. 

Joined Sibling Naming Ceremony




Naming Day Celebrant

Siblings joined naming day is always double the celebration. And so it was we gathered together to celebrate the name giving to this six years old daughter and her one-year-old brother. It also happened to be the brother’s first birthday. So you can only imagine the celebration.  The name giving day will forever be an important milestone that the children celebrated together.

Each child received their own personally designed naming certificate as well as a keepsake of the ceremony folder. The children also received different personalized naming ceremonies, for the boy, and for the girl. 

We nominated the godparents. You can choose to have the same godparents or separate ones for each child. While we also talked about the role the godparents as well as the grandparents’ in helping raise the kids. 

Siblings joined naming day