Marriage Celebrant for Weddings in Curzon Hall Marsfield

Marriage Celebrant,
Weddings Curzon Hall Marsfield

Marriage Celebrant, weddings Curzon Hall Marsfield. Another amazing beautiful venue for all events and even more so for  weddings.
Hence, congratulation to the bride and groom. As their  celebrant we planned their wedding ceremony in rather a very short time. They were overseas when I lodged for them the NOIM on line on the BDM website. We can lodge the NOIM together at our first meeting. This start the legal process. But, if for any reason you can’t make it to my place, there is always plan B, where I guide you how to fill in this form by yourself.
At first they considered having the ceremony in a restaurant somewhere around this area in North Sydney.
Rather than that, they decided on this well known location Curzon Hall in Marsfield. While I have conducted quite a few wedding ceremonies over the years in Curzon Hall, it is always a unique event. It seems like it is quite a popular location, a beautiful sand stone castle with ever green gardens around it.
Contact me any time so we can discuss and start planning your wedding ceremony.

Marriage Celebrant, weddings Curzon Hall Marsfield

Sydney Marriage Celebrant, wedding in Curzon Hall Marsfield