Naming Ceremony Celebrant, Western Sydney Parklands

Naming Ceremony Celebrant, Western Sydney Parklands

Naming Ceremony Celebrant, Western Sydney Parklands. 

Western Sydney Parklands and in particularly Plough and Harrow is a really nice venue, big and spacious for any event and especially for a name-giving ceremony. There are lots of shelters you can book and hire in case it rains or shines. 
We celebrated a very meaningful joined naming ceremony for two young babies, cousins actually. So there were lots of family and friends around to join in the celebration. And there is plenty of place for everyone there. 

We had two separate sets of godparents to the children. Most of all, we talked about the role and the help these godparents will have over the years in supporting the parents. It is a lifelong commitment to assist and guide these children as they grow into adulthood and discover life. 

We also mentioned and honoured the grandparents while speaking about their influence and help in raising these children. 

We then handed out the certificates. Naming certificates to the young children as well as certificates to all the godparents and grandparents.  You can choose personalized certificates from a selection of beautiful borders that I can offer you.

Basically, we work together to create a beautiful meaningful naming ceremony for your child.

Contact me any time so we can plan and organize an amazing name-giving ceremony for your child too.

Naming Ceremony Celebrant, Western Sydney Parklands

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