Naming Celebrant at Picnic Point

Naming Celebrant Picnic Point

Naming Celebrant Picnic Point celebrating a lovely naming day. A naming ceremony where we welcomed this young child into the family and the community in a backyard garden in Picnic Point.

So we actually combined and celebrated the child’s 1st birthday with the name giving ceremony.

So There are many rituals we can include in a naming ceremony. You can choose any ritual from my website or anything else you want. I will also provide you with lots of readings and poems you can choose from.

Parents commemorated the day by taking ink print of her foot and hand. We then placed the print inside a lovely frame and display it on the table. It is such a special way to remember the day. The naming ceremony combined with her first birthday as well as creating a beautiful keepsake to have. And this is only one of the variety of rituals you can choose from to personalize the ceremony. 

We work together to create a beautiful meaningful name giving to your child. 

Contact me so I can guide you how to create a memorable ceremony for your child.

Naming Celebrant Picnic Point

naming ceremony celebrant at Picnic Point

Naming Celebrant Picnic Point

Hands prints for a naming ceremony