Naming Ceremony Celebrant in Campbelltown Area

Naming Ceremony Celebrant Campbelltown

A Naming Ceremony Celebrant Campbelltown when we celebrated the first birthday and naming ceremony for this young child.

It is a good idea to combine the two celebrations. While you already have all the family and friends gathering for a birthday party, why not combine the birthday celebration with a name-giving ceremony.

Everyone gathered in the big backyard, decorated nicely for the happy occasion.
Parents chose four godparents, two from mum’s side and two from dad’s side. 

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In each ceremony, you can include any ritual from the many I offer. This time mum chose to include the wishing box where guests write nice wishes and blessings for the child’s future. Mum then collect those notes and can present them to the child at his 18th or 21st. 

Contact me so we can organize together your child’s very special naming ceremony too. 

Naming Ceremony Celebrant Campbelltown