Baby Naming Day Ceremony Celebrant in Castle Hill

Naming Ceremony Celebrant Castle Hill

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So it was a great honour to join this lovely family again. Since we happily celebrated the naming ceremony for their daughter three years ago, today we welcomed her younger brother into the family and the community in a lovely naming day.

Each naming ceremony is personalized to the child. We talk about the role of the family and the community in raising the child. We can mention the reason for choosing the child’s name. As well as the reasons for choosing the godparents. We also talk about the grandparents and their role in helping raise the kids.

While we can include any ritual in the ceremony, at this ceremony parents chose to include the rose petals ceremony. So it is a ceremony where we sprinkle coloured rose petals on the child’s head with different blessings. It can also be another way to include other members of the family in the ceremony.

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Naming ceremony Celebrant Castle Hill

Naming ceremony Celebrant Castle Hill