Naming Day Ceremony Celebrant In Minto & all Suburbs

Naming Ceremony Celebrant Minto

A beautiful Naming Ceremony Celebrant Minto in a lovely quite hall where guests could stay indoor or go outside to the sun. You can choose to have the name giving ceremony anywhere you want. It can be at home, in your backyard, any hall or park. 
So we celebrated the naming ceremony for this gorgeous young baby who absolutely looked like a princess. There were lots of family and friends around to celebrate with the parents. 
Parents chose their two close friends to be her godparents. You can choose as many godparents as you want. 
Godparents received certificates as well as the grandparents, even those who could not attend. 

I offer a nice selection of borders for the certificates you can choose from. It is all going to be your choice.

Contact me so we can start plan and organise together your child’s very special naming day too. 

Naming Ceremony Celebrant Minto

Name Giving Ceremony