Naming Ceremony in Castle Hill with Sydney Celebrant

Naming Day Celebrant Castle Hill

A Naming Day Celebrant Castle Hill celebrating a combined naming ceremony and first birthday. It is a good idea to combine the two in one big gathering of the family and friends.

It is always a very special occasion but even more so for a single mum of this gorgeous sleeping boy.  
Mum chose four godparents to help raise the child.

There are many rituals you can choose to include in a name-giving ceremony. So at this ceremony mum also included the sand ritual. A ritual where you can choose as many coloured sands from the nine that there are. We pour the sand during the ceremony into one main jar. This symbolizes the unity of the family.

Contact me so we can start work together to organize a beautiful naming ceremony for your child too. 

Naming Day Celebrant Castle Hill

Name Giving Ceremony With Sydney Celebrant