A Combined Naming Day Liverpool

Naming Day Celebrant Liverpool

Naming Day Celebrant Liverpool – A naming ceremony is always a special day for everyone in the family.

A naming ceremony is a very special time when we welcome the child into the family and the community. We nominate godparents and talk about the role of the grandparents too in helping raise the child. 
We can include any ritual from the many I offer, any readings and poems. 

So this name giving ceremony was three times special, as we named these three sisters, all in one ceremony. Hence, it was a unique lovely ceremony for these three princesses.

There are many rituals we can include in a naming ceremony.

At this ceremony, we talked about the girls’ names and the reasons why mum chose them. We also included the rose petals ritual. Mum sprinkled silk coloured rose petals on the girls’ heads with very special blessings, as we also matched the colours to their dresses – blue, white and red.
Finally, we nominated godparents to help raise and guide the girls throughout life.

We held the ceremony at the girls’ scouts’ hall and the family beautifully decorated it with flowers and balloons.

Contact me so we can start planning together your child’s very special name day too. 

Naming Day Celebrant Liverpool

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