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Naming Day Celebrant Penrith

Baby Naming Day Celebrant Penrith. There are so many beautiful locations to hold any ceremony if you do not want to have it at your own place. 

At a naming ceremony, we always emphasize the role of the community in assisting in raising the child.|
We nominated godparents and talked about their role in helping raise the child and guide him throughout life.
We also talked about the grandparents and how they have always been there for their children and now helping with the grandchild.

This was a lovely midday naming ceremony in Pirate Ship Park on Jordan Springs, Penrith
A lovely park with a little playground area for the kids. The parents were surrounded by close family and friends, which always makes the ceremony so special. The park has a little shed, which was good on the day as it was so hot.

Naming Certificates

Godparents and grandparents received beautifully personalized certificates. While the parents received the Naming Certificate.

Included in the fee is actually up to 10 FREE certificates. There are quite a few designed borders for the certificate that you can choose from. So we personalize the certificates for your child’s ceremony. 

Contact me to book and secure the day so we can start to plan and organize your child’s very special ceremony.

naming day celebrant Penrith

Baby Naming Day Celebrant Penrith