Naming Day Seven Hills

Naming Day Seven Hills

Naming Day Seven Hills when we celebrated the name giving to this gorgeous young toddler. 

Parents chose to hold the event in a really nice place, Lilly’s restaurant in Seven Hills. There are quite a few function rooms there to choose from. The guests were sitting comfortably around the tables, listening and enjoying the ceremony.

You can have as many godparents as you choose for your child. This time, parents chose their two best friends to be the guardians. When we got to the point of talking about their role, we called them up to come and join us at the ceremony. 

After talking about the godparents, we also acknowledged the importance of the two grandmothers in passing on culture, traditions and inheritance. 

We also mentioned the older sister and talked about how the two of them are going to grow up together and discover life and all it has to offer. 

Best Naming Ceremonies Celebrant

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Naming Day Seven Hills