Registry Office Weddings

Registry Office Weddings

Registry office weddings at the marriage celebrant’s beautiful green backyard garden.
You can enjoy a free garden relaxed wedding ceremony at my place, instead of having a wedding ceremony in the registry office. 
The service includes-

  • Lodgement of the notice of intended marriage
  • As well as marriage registration and marriage certificate.
  • A beautiful wedding ceremony with great photos from your special day.

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Weddings in a Registry Office

So if you are after a low-cost budget wedding ceremony, a registry office wedding, then this offer might suit you too.
You can have your wedding ceremony any day of the week, at any time. 
Check out all the wedding packages. You can choose any wedding package knowing you are not locked in and can change any time.

I helped this lovely young couple all the way with their application for a Partner visa , PMV, to Australia for the bride from Russia. So the groom applied some 17 months ago for a spouse visa when we lodged together with the Notice of Intended Marriage.

After lodging the NOIM, I could issue him a FREE letter to immigration. This helped his fiance immigrate on a spouse visa to Australia. This couple also needed help with the Prospective Marriage Visa application. This is the partner visa Australia procedure. 
So finally, the day has arrived and we conducted a small lovely wedding ceremony in my backyard.
The couple really wanted a registry-style wedding ceremony, even though they could have had a lengthy ceremony if they wanted.

Contact me so we can start work together and I will assist you on your journey to your wedding day.

registry office weddings

Low-cost budget registry style wedding


Registry Office Weddings Sydney

Another successful PMV application. 

The groom approached me exactly a month prior to their wedding day. He then filled in the NOIM himself, had it signed by a JP, emailed and then post me the NOIM.
I could then issue the couple with a FREE letter to immigration to assist with the groom’s fiance with the PMV.

Roll a month forward, and the couple arrived one afternoon at my place for a quick registry-style wedding. Although, much cheaper than any wedding, on any day at the BDM registry in Sydney. 

The couple had already a religious traditional wedding back at home in Nepal. So it was just a matter of making their union legal now. 

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