Sydney Jewish Celebrant for Jewish Style Weddings

Sydney Jewish Marriage Celebrant

Experience Sydney Jewish Marriage Celebrant at a beautiful interfaith marriage ceremony. It was an interfaith wedding as the groom comes from a Jewish background, while the bride is from a Christian home. Hence, it was a lovely mixture of traditions.

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In each wedding ceremony, the couple can decide which of the traditional customs they would like to include in their ceremony. 
At this ceremony, the couple, of course, had their choices. So the bride’s dad walked her down the aisle while the groom and I waited under the chuppah. The Chuppa was beautifully decorated with flowers.  

This couple chose to only include a few customs from the Jewish tradition. The couple chose to have kiddush and sipped from the kiddush cup while I recited the blessing. 

And of course, the highlight for everyone, whether from the Jewish tradition or any other, was when the groom broke the glass at the conclusion of the ceremony. Everyone then cheered – Mazal Tov. There are a few reasons for breaking the glass. We can talk about the religious background going all the way to the destruction of the temple. Or we can talk more about the modern ones, relating to the frailty of the marriage.  
It is all going to be your choice. 

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Sydney Jewish Marriage Celebrant Sydney Jewish Marriage Celebrant