Simple & Easy Wedding Ceremony in Sydney

Simple Wedding

Easy wedding or simple wedding can now take place any day of the week and any time. An easy wedding is now available with a celebrant who will make the journey easy and hassle-free. A simple wedding booking where the celebrant takes care of all the legal paperwork.
We work together to create the ceremony exactly as you want it. 

You can choose a wedding package from any of the affordable weddings, sometimes cheaper than weddings at the BDM’s registry in Sydney.

After lodgement of the NOIM, for the same fee, you can choose to have your wedding ceremony any day of the week and any time. At the same time, you are not locked in with any of the wedding packages I offer. You can decide later on whether to have your wedding in my garden backyard or any other location. 

Whether it is a big or small wedding, it should still be beautiful, meaningful and delivered with lots of love and sincerity. A very different feel to it than any wedding ceremony at the official registry office. The ceremony is personalized just for the couple.

Some affordable wedding ceremonies. 

You can have your wedding ceremony any way you choose to. If you prefer a quick easy-going wedding ceremony, then, of course, we will do it just the way ýou want.

It is your wedding ceremony, and regardless of the size of the wedding, it is a significant event in your life, a milestone. So let’s make it special while it is all going to be your choice.

Otherwise, of course, you can have your wedding ceremony at any location of your choice any day of the week.

Simple Wedding in Sydney 

The bride and groom chose to have a quiet wedding ceremony in their backyard with just a few family members who came to witness and celebrate with them.

I was approached by the groom some months ago to assist with a letter to immigration after we lodged together the NOIM. This helped the bride to arrive in Australia for the marriage to take place. 

So the couple’s choice was a garden wedding ceremony, a simple and short ceremony. 





A Wedding Ceremony

The size of your wedding ceremony is totally up to you.

Many couples nowadays prefer to have a smaller crowd, just a few guests and their two witnesses. Opting for a  more intimate wedding does not in any way takes away anything from the celebration and from this milestone in your life. 

I can offer you a simple outdoor wedding at a small wedding venue. In my wedding packages, you can find two small wedding packages. You can choose to celebrate your wedding in my big green backyard and so to save and have a more affordable wedding.

You are also more than welcome to bring some champagne, wine or a cake for after the ceremony.  

So contact me if you would like more information about my marriage celebrant services in Sydney and having a simple wedding.
Please call me on 0423 042 773 or 02 94993550, email me at
or alternatively, you can contact me via my website.



Easy Wedding 

Here’s another wedding ceremony at home which was an easy wedding just as the couple wanted it to be, a casual wedding, still including all the legal paperwork.

So we celebrated this bride and groom having their wedding ceremony in my backyard with just their two witnesses. 
This lovely young couple had lodged the NOIM with me more than a year ago. And finally, the day arrived and this week they contacted me deciding to have their quick wedding ceremony at my place. They drove over from the central coast on this sunny day. We had the wedding, and they continued by having an enjoyable day in Sydney. 

Contact me so we can start to plan and organize your wedding ceremony too.  

wedding ceremony at homewedding ceremony at homewedding ceremony at home