Spouse Visa Australia for Wedding Ceremonies

Spouse Visa Australia

Receiving Spouse Visa Australia or your partner visa, PMV, is easy and simple.
As Sydney celebrant I can assist you anywhere you are in Australia, or overseas.

Easy steps for a fiance visa Australia 

  1. Fill in the NOIM
    – We can fill in the NOIM together online with the signature of only one partner.
    – If you can’t get to my place in Sydney – I can email you the NOIM, you can then fill in the form, have it signed by a JP, email & post me back the form and I’ll lodge it for you online on the BDM site.  
    – If you are overseas – I will email you the NOIM, you fill it in by yourself, have it signed by either a notary or an Australian authorized person, email & post me back the form and I’ll lodge it online on the BDM site.  
    I will advise you and assist with the process.
  2. Present your Passports.
    – You will need to present me with your valid passport. Your fiance can do that later on when they arrive in Australia. 
  3. Receive a FREE letter to Immigration.
    – After lodgement of the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) you will receive from me the letter to immigration. Your partner will present this letter to immigration with their application.
  4. Enjoy your Wedding. 
    Once your partner is in Australia, you can both choose any of my wedding packages. I offer quite a few options for your wedding ceremony. You are not locked in with any of the wedding options. So together with your fiance you can decide and choose the best wedding package that suits you both.

The Wedding Ceremony 

The groom lodged with me the NOIM online on the BDM’s website some months ago. I then issued the couple a FREE letter to immigration. The bride had to present this letter at the embassy overseas. The bride is from Russia.

A few months passed, and finally, we got to their big day, their wedding day after the bride had received the much-awaited visa to come to Australia.

The couple chose to have their wedding ceremony at my place, in my big green backyard with only their two witnesses with us.  The bride and groom chose to exchange vows as well as exchanged rings, in a personalized wedding ceremony.
So congratulations to the couple.

Contact me so I can assist you too with easy lodgement of the NOIM and planning your wedding ceremony. 

Spouse Visa Australia