Sydney Harbour Wedding on a Yacht or Cruise

Sydney Harbour Wedding

Sydney Harbour Wedding – a Sydney wedding but even more special.

There are actually many Sydney Harbour wedding venues and wedding reception venues in Sydney. A Sydney wedding can be on any of the Sydney harbour wedding cruises, a wedding on a boat or any privately owned yacht. A Sydney Harbour wedding can also take place anywhere around the harbour.
Either way, it is a mesmerizing special unique event for the couple and their guests. 

Cruise Weddings

It was a very special wedding on a cruise on Sydney harbour. It is unique and special and it can get to tie the knot on a cruise. And not just a cruise. We left from The Steps near the iconic Opera House and sailed just under Sydney Bridge to have the ceremony.

Family and friends gathered near the Opera House, had some time for some photoshoots when we all board the cruise. Beautiful wedding ceremony in the heart of the harbour.

The civil ceremony was followed by traditional Korean wedding rituals, as the bride is from Korea. While the groom is from Italy. Amazing combination!






Wedding Cruises 

A wedding on a cruise is always very special and different. This wedding was on one of Captain Cook Cruises’ where both the ceremony followed by the reception took place. It is such an adventure for both the couple and their guests. Sydney Harbour wedding cruises are quite a popular event. 

The cruise provided the whole setting of the chairs, the runner, the signing table and even the DJ who played the bride and groom’s chosen music. 

It was a lovely romantic afternoon in Sydney Harbour. We sailed about 5 minutes away from the Opera House, but so that in the background the photographer could capture both the Opera House and Sydney bridge during the ceremony itself. 






Wedding on a Boat 

it was on New Year Eve, definitely a very special wedding ceremony. There is an unbelievable extremely special atmosphere in the air. As there are so many lights just about everywhere. And everyone feels happy and festive. The harbour is packed with yachts, and the feeling is electrifying. 

So this romantic groom decided to surprise his fiance with a wedding ceremony that night. The couple has already been engaged for quite some time. So the groom contacted me and we planned it all together. 

At the nine o’clock fireworks, the groom casually said to his fiance that it would be nice if they tied the knot that night. His fiance agreed. And that’s when the groom told her that he actually had organized for a celebrant to arrive on the yacht later that night. And that being me.

How romantic!!!

So the groom arranged for a water taxi for me at 10:30 pm. Obviously, I had to check with the bride that in absolutely no circumstances she was under pressure tog ahead with the ceremony. Only once I established that we could go ahead with the wedding ceremony. 

The ceremony wasn’t a big one. Only the couple and their two witnesses. One witness was the photographer while the other one was the ring bearer. We had to be very careful not to lose the ring in the water.

Watch New Year Eve Wedding Ceremony 

Contact me so we can plan and organize your wedding ceremony too. 

Sydney Harbour WeddingSydney Harbour WeddingSydney Harbour Wedding