Quick and Simple Registry Wedding

Registration Marriage

Registry wedding can be a very easy, quick and simple. There is now an easy way to tie the knot. No need for interviews, questioners, long waiting lists, or locked in any wedding package.

You can get married any day of the week, any time for the same fee!

So this simple wedding registration marriage takes place at the celebrant’s beautiful garden.
You can have just yourselves, the couple, and your two witnesses.
Or you can invite up to fifteen guests as well to attend your wedding ceremony.

The fee is lower than the weddings at the BDM registry office. All this while having a wedding ceremony in a relaxed personal atmosphere, as opposed to a wedding in an office one. 

The Quick Wedding Ceremony with Sydney Celebrant

This beautiful bride and groom were tossing for quite some time whether to have their wedding here in Australia or overseas. After a few months of considerations, they have decided to tie the knot here in Sydney as it is easier and simpler than anywhere else. As they plan on having a big wedding celebration later this year, overseas with lots of family and friends attending from all over the world. 

So for those reasons, it was quite simple for them to have a lovely afternoon wedding ceremony in my garden.
I offer quite a few wedding packages to suit each and every couple. 

Contact me so we can start to plan and organize your wedding ceremony too.

Registration MarriageRegistration MarriageRegistration Marriage