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Sydney Indian Wedding Officiant – wedding celebrant or officiant for ALL couples and traditions. Indian weddings in Sydney in Australia are always extremely unique and colourful, full of life and happiness. 

Sometimes, we conduct only the civil wedding. On other occasions, the couple might choose to combine the celebrant’s civil wedding procedure with the pujari/priest conducting the more traditional wedding. (Happy to advise on Pujari)
These weddings are conducted either at the temple, at any other wedding venue or at home.
In most cases, the pujari conducts the traditional Hindu ceremony, while I attend to the legal wedding procedure as well as of course registering the wedding with the BDM registry and applying for the official marriage certificate. 

As a Sydney celebrant, I am more than happy to officiate at ALL wedding ceremonies and all traditions..  

  • All multicultural are celebrated.
  • Together we can include any rituals or readings to the extent that you want.
  • So that at the end of the day, you will be happy with the wedding ceremony you desire.
  • It is all going to be your choice of which wedding ritual we include in your ceremony. 

Celebrant Wedding Service includes 

  • All legal paperwork.
  • Online lodgement of the NOIM.
  • A beautiful meaningful wedding ceremony.
  • Marriage certificate and marriage registration
  • A sound system for your chosen music and the ceremony.
  • Recommendations for reliable accessible wedding suppliers.
  • Unlimited contact with your marriage celebrant assisting along the way.
  • A relaxed enjoyable stress-free journey to you on your way to your wedding day.

I can help you wherever you are. Whether you are anywhere in Australia or even overseas.
We usually lodge the NOIM together online. If for any reason you cannot arrive at my place, there are other ways we can lodge this form.  As a wedding celebrant officiant, I can advise you on how to proceed in that case.


Indian Weddings

Congratulation to this beautiful young couple who got married in the temple in Minto.

The bride and groom enjoyed a cole to 3 hours Hindu traditional wedding ceremony at the temple in Minto followed by the legal registry by me, the celebrant. Even though my part was really small, I was still really honoured to be included in this whole ceremony.





Click on the photo below to view a dream wedding at the Rotunda, Observatory Hill Sydney.Celebrant for weddings


Indian Wedding in Sydney

Such a beautiful colourful wedding ceremony following the traditional Indian customs.

I only conducted towards the end, the legal wedding ceremony to complete the couple’s marriage event. 







Indian Wedding

Congratulations to this lovely couple who got married in Windsor Function Centre on Friday night.

Such a happy wedding celebration with lots of family and friends, who some flew over from India. The room was colourful with all the bright amazing colours of the traditional dresses. And plenty of yummy traditional Indian appetizers.

I helped the groom to bring over to Australia his bride by providing a letter to immigration. A letter declaring the couple’s intention of getting married as they wanted to tie the knot in an Indian wedding in Sydney.

Indian-wedding Indian-wedding-ceremonyIndian-Australian-weddingIndian-wedding






Indian Wedding in a Church

This lovely couple has decided to have their legal civil wedding in a church, as this was the request of the parents. 

The bride and all the other ladies and girls wore beautiful Indian wedding sarees, even our young ring bearer. And the beauty of a civil wedding is that we can choose and personalize the ceremony according to the couple’s request. 






Indian Wedding in Australia

Congratulations to this happy bride and groom and their lovely dog. 

A very special multicultural union as the groom is from India and the bride is from China while their dog is Australian. They are already a family with Suzie the dog who had a very special role today, as the ring bearer. 

Since the couple already had two big ceremonies, one back in China and another big one in India. And today the bride wore this beautiful dress her mother-in-law made for her in India.  Such vibrant beautiful colours. 

Thank you, Orna for making the wedding ceremony such a memorable experience for us. We truly appreciate it! We appreciate all the efforts you made to make the wedding ceremony a wonderful experience. You allow our dog Suzie to be part of our ceremony at your place which is very special for us. Special Thanks to your husband who not only clicked the lovely pictures but also kindly assisted Abhishek to put on boutonnière. We would highly recommend adding “Dogs permitted in a wedding ceremony at your place” on your website which would definitely attract dog parents like us. Abhishek & LeahWedding Ceremony Sydney, June 2020

 Indian Wedding in Australiamarriage-celebrantwedding-ring-bearer Indian Wedding in Australia






Indian Australian Wedding

Such a beautiful colourful wedding ceremony in my big green backyard for this gorgeous young couple.
While they can’t at the moment travel to India, at least they tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in my big green garden.
Later on, they plan on travelling back home to celebrate with family and friends. 






Hindu Wedding

A unique special wedding ceremony in the garden where we included the Hindu wedding tradition where the bride and groom walk around the holy fire, the Agni 7 times. Agni symbolizes the witness of the divine. So any commitments made in front of it are made in the presence of God. The couple takes seven full circles, walking clockwise around the Agni, representing the seven principles and promises they make to each other.

So we conducted the civil wedding in the backyard of the brides’ parents’ place including in the ceremony the Agni rituals as well as some blessings and readings from family here in Australia and overseas. 






Indian Wedding Planner

Planning an Indian wedding requires a lot of thinking and many things to consider.

So when we planned this gorgeous couple’s wedding, family and friends helped a lot with getting the ceremonial traditional components to make it all happen as required. The date and the exact time were also essential. We had a civil wedding ceremony, followed by the exchange of wedding garlands, which were done by one of the family members.


Hi Orna,
Thank you so much Orna.
It was a really wonderful ceremony you gave us. We loved every minute of it. Thanks again and we believe you will make a lot of other couples’ wedding amazing as ours.Thank you
Wedding Ceremony Sydney, Kaavya & Gajan, October 2021



Indian Couple Tieing the Knot in Sydney

After assisting the couple with an immigration visa, the day has finally arrived and the bride and groom tied the knot in a registry marriage in my backyard.

We made the wedding very special for them when they were surrounded by a few family and friends and video live zoom with family back at home in India.






Hi Orna,
Thank you very much for getting us married.
We absolutely loved your service and the beautiful wedding pictures.
Thank you again, we thoroughly enjoyed the event.
Thanks. Shreyas & Vishnu. Wedding Ceremony Sydney, Tuende & Tibu, December 2021


Indian Wedding in Sydney

This lovely bride and groom only approached me just one month prior to their wedding day.
This was just sufficient enough time to lodge their Notice of Intended Marriage.
The Notice of Intended Marriage is the form that we need to lodge at least one month before the wedding day. The form is then valid for 18 months. We fill it in and lodge it straight onto the BDM registry website. 

After receiving the form, I took care of all the legal paperwork so that the couple could relax and just enjoy a stress-free journey to their big day. I also assisted them in planning the wedding and acted like their Indian wedding planner, including any rituals they wanted. 

The bride was dressed in a beautiful Indian wedding dress, while the groom wore a smart suit. The wedding ceremony took place in my garden, which is obviously a very affordable ceremony. Otherwise, we can also have the wedding ceremony at any other location of your choice. 

Congratulation to the bride and groom on a lovely afternoon wedding ceremony in my backyard.

Contact me so I can offer you my service and start taking care of all the legal paperwork for your very special day, your wedding day while creating a beautiful wedding ceremony. 

Sydney Indian Wedding Officiant

Sydney Affordable Wedding Officiant for all weddings


Indian Wedding Couple

Finally, we could conduct the wedding once the borders between the states opened as the bride and her family were able to arrive from Melbourne. 
So congrats to this young lovely couple who had their civil wedding ceremony at home with the blessings near their beautiful gold little temple. This is where we conducted the civil ceremony while over the weekend they will celebrate with much more family and friends in a more traditional way.