Sydney Naming Ceremonies Celebrant in Carlingford

Sydney Name Day Ceremony Celebrant Carlingford

Sydney naming ceremonies celebrant Carlingford. Lovely midday naming ceremony for this beautiful boy with lots of family and friends around us.

Parents lit the main candle and all six godparents lit their candles.
And what a lucky boy to have six godparents, as you can nominate as many godparents as you want.

We also had a jar where guests filled in with notes with their best wishes for this young baby to open and read when he turns 18 with best wishes for his life and future.
You can have this ritual with messages in a box, in a jar, or there is another option. So guests can write their best wishes for the future in a nice book. There are many options and varieties to these rituals.
It is all going to be your choice.

Contact me so we can start to plan and organize together your child’s very special naming ceremony. 

Sydney naming ceremonies celebrant Carlingford

Sydney naming ceremonies celebrant Carlingford