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Sydney Wedding

Sydney wedding ceremonies are so unforgettable special and unique. There are so many amazing wedding venues and wedding locations in and around the city. Some well known indoor wedding venues, but the more beautiful ones are obviously the outdoor wedding venues. 

There are intimate wedding venues, there are hidden wedding venues, many garden venues, beach weddings, some free some concur a fee. Since considering Sydney wedding venues for a ceremony, there is not much that can beat the waterfront wedding venues in Sydney. And there are so many wedding venues all around Sydney Harbour and the beaches.

Sydney Wedding is no doubt a very special one. Couples from all over Australia and the world choose to have their wedding ceremony is this cosmopolitan city. 

Waterfront Wedding Venue Sydney

  • It is a multicultural city and all visitors, locals and guests feel comfortable.
  • There are beautiful long sandy beaches you can choose for your ceremony.
  • There are also many breathtaking wedding locations around Sydney harbour and more.
  • Many reception venues such as castles, restaurants, clubs, hotels and more.
  • The weather is fantastic most year-round, while always having plan B if needed.
  • A helpful marriage celebrant to assist & advise you with everything you need for a wedding. 

As your Sydney marriage celebrant, I can advise you on many wedding locations. 

A Sydney wedding is something you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life. So why not make it even more special, by choosing a stunning waterfront wedding location. 

Easy Weddings Package 

  • Lodgement of the NOIM form.
  • All legal paperwork for your wedding. 
  • Marriage registration and Marriage certificate.
  • Recommendations for the best local wedding suppliers.
  • Unlimited contact with your celebrant and all assistance.
  • A PA system for the ceremony as well as for your chosen music.
  • My wedding resource folder with all the information and support you need.
  • A beautiful personalized wedding ceremony and a stress-free journey for you.

More wedding ceremonies at Kirribilli and North Sydney. 

Easy Weddings 

With Sydney top celebrant making each and every wedding journey as easy as possible to you – 

Sydney Harbour Wedding

A beautiful lovely couple who came all the way from Mexico and chose to get married in beautiful Sydney. As I recommended to the couple this amazing location with Sydney Oprah House in the background.

For a few months, we communicated via emails and Whatsapp. I guided the bride and groom on how to fill in the NOIM and once I received it via an email, I managed to lodge it here in Sydney on their behalf.  

The couple chose to have their ceremony on a weekday, which is both a bit cheaper as well as there were hardly any visitors in the park. Very convenient for them. Congratulations! More celebration for the couple later on in the year back at home in Mexico. 

marriage celebrantSydney wedding




Wedding Venue Sydney Harbour

An afternoon wedding ceremony for this lovely couple choosing Sydney as their wedding destination all the way from the Netherlands. 

So of course, I suggested this amazing water view location in North Sydney with the Oprah House in the background as well as Sydney bridge. Marvellous opportunities for great photos, a keepsake from their wedding day.

For the past few months, we have been communicating via emails and talking on Whatsapp to plan and design together their wedding ceremony here in Sydney.   





 Wedding in Sydney

Congratulations to this gorgeous young couple after having five kids, they have decided to become a wife and a husband. 

It was so exciting to tell their love story in front of their 5 children, close family and friends. They all came over to see this couple tie the knot. All from NSW south coast. The bride and groom also included a very special message to their kids during the ceremony. It was very emotional.  That’s one way how we can personalize the wedding ceremony to the couple. 

And it was very special for them to choose Sydney. With my suggestion for the wedding location, they chose Sydney harbour for their wedding ceremony.

Wedding in SydneySydney Wedding ceremony




Wedding Venue Sydney Harbour

A very small intimate wedding for this lovely couple, she’s Australian and the groom is from Greece. It was another successful PMV visa application. 

It is a great prominent wedding location near Sydney Harbour with Sydney bridge in the background. Definitely a significant location for a Sydney wedding. 

We communicated via emails as well as some phone calls as the couple was still residing in Greece, and has arrived in Australia only a few days prior to the wedding. So they filled in the NOIM themselves, had it signed by a notary in Greece. Then they post me the form and was able to lodge it online here in Australia. 


celebrant for weddingcelebrant for wedding




Bradfield Park Wedding

It was such a beautiful late afternoon wedding ceremony on Sydney Harbour with the Opera House at the background and Sydney bridge on the other side. Just before sunset, it was so romantic. 

The couple had only a handful of guests, but that didn’t take anything from the celebration.
We organized a beautiful arch.
I brought along a small table for signing the registry so that they didn’t need to hire one.
I also helped them to find a professional affordable photographer.
We played music over my PA system. And to top it all, guests threw confetti on the couple once I announced them married. 
Just a perfect wedding ceremony at one of the most sort out locations ever!

Sydney wedding Sydney wedding Sydney wedding Sydney wedding




Sydney Harbour Wedding 

Have the best – a Sydney Harbour wedding at Copes Lookout in Kirribilli. You can have your wedding ceremony at this stunning location while celebrating your reception at any of the local restaurants in the area. Otherwise, you can enjoy your reception anywhere else you choose.  

This area is a combination of a garden wedding with the huge grass area all around under Sydney bridge. While one can also classify the area as a waterfront wedding location. It is actually a combination of an outside wedding, garden wedding and a waterfront ceremony. You, your photographer and the guests will enjoy the backdrop. 

We started the legal procedure more than two years ago, which is longer than the 18 months the NOIM is valid for. But finally, we got there, to this gorgeous couple’s wedding day after resubmitting the notice. So one can imagine how it was an extremely happy special day for the bride and groom, now husband and wife.

Contact me so we can start to plan together your wedding ceremony too.
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Sydney weddingSydney weddingSydney weddingSydney weddingSydney wedding