Observatory Hill Wedding Ceremony

Observatory Hill Wedding

Observatory Hill Wedding is without a doubt one of Sydney’s most-known wedding venues. A magnificent location for an outdoor wedding venue in the heart of the city.

At Observatory Hill Park, you can choose to have your wedding ceremony under the huge magnificent very famous and popular tree. Otherwise, you can always have the rotunda as a backup. 

Observatory Hill is such an amazing outdoor wedding venue. Observatory Hill Park is located on top of the hill in the centre of the city of Sydney. It is a beautiful and popular location for weddings in Sydney. It is situated near the Sydney Observatory, offering stunning views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, and the surrounding cityscape.

So you can enjoy a garden wedding in the city centre with the famous Sydney harbour in the background. As well as the harbour water view. Observatory Hill wedding as a  location for your ceremony is fabulous if you also take into account the many reception locations available to you around the city.

Photography Opportunities: One of the highlights of having a wedding at Observatory Hill is the stunning backdrop it provides for wedding photography. From panoramic views of the Sydney Harbour to charming garden settings, there are plenty of opportunities for capturing memorable moments on your special day.

Booking and Permits: If you’re interested in having your wedding at Observatory Hill, you’ll likely need to obtain a permit from the local council or relevant authority. This permit may include booking fees and requirements regarding the use of the space, set-up, and cleanup. It’s advisable to contact the local council or park management well in advance to inquire about the booking process and any regulations or restrictions that may apply.


 observatory hill wedding ceremony

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  • Lodgement of the NOIM.
  • All legal paperwork for the Marriage.
  • Marriage registration and Marriage Certificate.
  • Recommendations for local reliable wedding suppliers
  • A beautiful unforgettable personalized wedding ceremony for you.
  • My celebrant Resource Package with lots of readings, vows and ideas.
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Observatory Hill Wedding


Wedding in the Rotunda on Observatory Hill 

Such a beautiful wedding ceremony in the Rotunda overlooking Sydney city and the harbour.
So the bride and groom tied the knot on a weekday afternoon. Regardless of the rainy weather, we celebrated a beautiful wedding ceremony with family and some friends around. 

The couple and their guests continued afterwards celebrating in one of the many local restaurants on the Rocks. 
Watch the Video from their wedding 🙂






Sydney Wedding

Come rain or shine, the wedding always must go on. And luckily on Observatory Hill Park, you can hire the rotunda overlooking the city, hence, no worries about the weather. 
As a Sydney celebrant, I can always suggest and offer different wedding venues and wedding locations in and around the city. 

Couples often choose Observatory Hill for their weddings due to its picturesque setting and historical significance. The hill itself is a lovely green space with well-maintained gardens and ample areas for ceremonies and photography. Many couples also appreciate the romantic ambience created by the backdrop of the Sydney Harbor and its iconic landmarks.





Sydney Observatory Wedding

This gorgeous couple chose to tie the knot under the big tree with lots of family and friends around. A wedding with Sydney Bridge and Sydney Harbour in the background. 

There are many rituals and readings we can include in a wedding ceremony. This time we had two beautiful readings that the couple chose, read by family members. There are many ideas and ways how to personalize the wedding ceremony to your personality and requirements. 

We work together to personalize and create a unique unforgettable wedding ceremony.

There are legal wedding vows you have to repeat after your celebrant. But in the ceremonies I conduct, you are more than welcome to add your own personal wedding vows. I can advise as well as give you a collection of sample vows you can choose from. After reciting the legal vows after me, both the bride and the groom read out their own vows which they had written to each other. 

Contact me so we can start planning and organising your very wedding ceremony too. 

wedding celebrant Observatory HillObservatory Hill weddingWedding at Observatory HillObservatory Hill celebrant

My wife and I are very glad we chose Orna to be our celebrant. She is very professional prior to and during our ceremony. Clear and concise voice and very prepared for our ceremony. We especially really appreciate the ceremony folder she has gifted us. Definitely would recommend Orna.
Wedding Ceremony Julius & Belinda, March 2018