Twins Naming Day Ceremony With Sydney Celebrant

Twins Naming Day Ceremony Celebrant

Twins Naming Day Ceremony Celebrant in St Clair.

So we celebrated a name giving ceremony combined with their second birthday, double the celebration for these gorgeous twin sisters.

Mum also chose in include the sand ceremony. We had five different colours of sand, each colour represented someone else in the family. We had a colour for mum, for the godparents, the grandparents, and of course a colour representing each of the girls. Each colour has different meanings and aspirations, which is why the mum tried to match the colour to the people. Each girl received her own naming certificate.

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Twins Naming Day Ceremony Celebrant

Sydney Celebrant All Suburbs

It is always a great compliment when the parents invite you again for a naming ceremony.  This time it was for their twins, a boy and a girl. Bring so much joy and light to the house.

So we nominated separate godparents to the twins. The little girl got two godparents and the little boy got separate godparents. You can actually nominate as many godparents as you want. the kids can share the same ones or separate ones.

This time we also talked about the older brother and how the three of them will grow and discover lofe together. 

Parents also chose to celebrate the naming ceremony together with the twins’ 1st birthday.

Naming ceremny at Blair Athol